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Ski Tune Service



24 Hour Ski Tune Service

Steiners offers a 24 hour ski tune service when skis are dropped off at our Valatie location.

72 hour service(in most cases) when dropped off at either our Glenmont or Hudson location

Below is a brief description of our ski tune service.



  • Here you see the ski going through our Wintersteiger tuner.  The first step is to grind the surface of the ski.  This cleans off as well as prepares the base for the next step.

  • Here the ski is getting a layer of p-tex laid into the gouges of the base.


  • After being p-texed the ski needs to be regound to take off the excess p-tex and bring the base back to flat.

  • Ater the ski is brought back to flat a special belt is put on the machine and the base edges are beveled. Depending on manufacturer specs this may vary anywhere from between 1/ 2 and 3 degrees.

  • After the ski has been beveled it then goes onto the stone.  The stone is a large finishing stone.  Designed to make the ski completely flat.  To within .5 mm tolerances. It also cuts a texture into the base of the ski so that it is faster and holds wax better.

  • The next step is to sharpen the edge of the ski. This is usually done with a 1 degree bevel.

  • One of the last and most important steps is the hand finishing of the skis.  This is the most time consuming part of a ski tune.  It also is the part where most shops take shortcuts because of demands on time.  The skis get deburred, the tip and tail get dulled, and then as in the photo above the ski gets finished with a hand sharpening.

  • At last the ski is ready to be waxed.  Here the ski is run across a waxing machine that heats up to 185 degrees.  The ski gets run across a sponge type pad that impregnates the base with a coating of wax. The last step is to polish the base with a scotch brite pad, and skis are off. Just waiting for you to pick them up and go out and make some turns on them.